PHP Keeps Growing Up, first with 5.5 and Then 7

In older versions of PHP you would have to implement your own iterator from the Iterator interface, which would often result in a lot of boilerplate code. There are of course a number of built-in iterators that are implemented, but maybe you have need of something besides a callback, array, or glob iterator. Fortunately now …

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The Interactive Game of Life: Conway Has Come to the Browser

A while back I had become fascinated with the mathematical game referred to as Conway’s Game of Life (a zero-player game and example of a cellular automaton). I was learning Python at the time and decided that it would be a good exercise to try and recreate the game using Python. While I did get …

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Professional Javascript, Served Hot and Fresh just the Way you Like it

I tried to use some JSLint, or more accurately I should say invoking it by add use strict to you project, maybe add some professionalism to the gig. However, good luck getting your whole project running with it, you have to pick when to run it on a function by function basis. Even the newest …

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